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Phil Walter

Do you know who Miro Muheim is? If so, that's (still) kind of weird, because he's a 16-year-old Swiss youngster who plays for FC Zurich.  Well, at least he used to.  Because now he plays for Chelsea and while we had known this was going to happen for a while -- assuming that FC Zurich weren't just making things up -- it is now official.

Chelsea don't always announce youth signings, especially 16-year-old youth signings, so don't necessarily expect anything more official than this.  Our best confirmation will come when we see the young kid in action.  Presumably, he'll slot in at the U18 level.  He's supposed to be a midfielder and has represented Switzerland at under-16 level twice; that's about all we know of him.  He doesn't even seem to have any YouTube highlights, which is a bit mind-blowing in this day and age.

But like Graham said before, if we've snapped him up, there's a good chance he's got plenty of promise and talent.  So, welcome, Miro.  May you live long and prosper, despite all the obvious Vitesse jokes incoming in 3... 2... 1...