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Petr Cech does not want to leave Chelsea now or in the future

Unless the situation "develops" further, as his agent puts it so eloquently.

Clive Rose

Ten years and two days ago, Petr Čech officially became a Chelsea player.  After a decade of excellence, trophies, and a questionable taste in music, he's unsurprisingly not ready to leave the club.

"Nothing changes. He has two years left on his Chelsea contract and has an interest to continue there. Mourinho did not tell him that he would not count on him anymore."

"We have not been given any signals that Petr would be made available [for transfer]. If that was the case, though, you have to realise that Petr is one of the world's top goalkeepers and has a certain salary. There are not many clubs who could afford to sign him."

"If he were to leave, we're discussing two or three clubs in the world. The situation has developed in a way, of course, but for now he is staying at Chelsea"

-Viktor Kolar; source: Sky

Not ready to leave.  Not now.  Not ever.

"Petr isn't 20 any more. His family are satisfied living in London. Petr is satisfied at Chelsea and there is interest in his services even after his active football career, so that they would want him to continue in some position at the club."

-Viktor Kolar; source: Sky

All of which sounds wonderful in that future Didier Drogba groundskeeper/strikers coach- and Frank Lampard manager-way, but Cech is still one of the best in the world, so what about the meantime?  If the situation "develops" further, what then?  He would be welcome back of course, always, with open arms, but what would he do until then?

"Paris Saint-Germain have shown interest and we have also communicated with Monaco."

"[If the situation changed,] I would get in touch with Zubizarreta (Barcelona) and people at Real Madrid. These are clubs we would consider if Chelsea wanted to get rid of Petr. We would also consider Bayern but they have Neuer there. Then there are leagues Petr would not go to. For instance, the Serie A, because clubs in that league have problems."

-Viktor Kolar; source: Sky

Well, this hasn't helped clear up our goalkeeping situation at all.  Not one bit.  Though Kolar didn't specifically say that Cech wouldn't accept a backup role, so I guess it's time to commence the feats of strength and the dance-offs; may the best World Class goalkeeper win!

h/t: Dzany, whose FanPost brought this story first to my attention.

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