Cech to start the pre-season with Chelsea

One of the dilemma that Jose Mourinho has to deal with before a new season starts is our goalkeeper issue. Since Thibaut Courtois is returning from a 3-year spell with Atletico, we now have two world class goalkeepers ready to battle for a single spot on the sunshine. With Mark Schwarzer extended his Chelsea career with another year, it is likely that of them will depart just before our first game of the season.

But Petr's agent Viktor Kolar who give an interview to Czech business newspaper Hospodarske noviny claims that Petr is ready to start the pre-season with us. He also gave some info about Petr's recent injury.

Petr starts the pre-season with Chelsea, nothing is changing. The manager hasn't told him that he no longer has plans with him. The healing process of the dislocated shoulder is going better than expected.

Hospodarske noviny

There are also some rumors that Monaco and PSG are interested in Petr's service. We know how quickly things change in football, so we could expect more on that topic later.

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