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'Anything is possible' with Paul Pogba, says agent

Alexandre Loureiro

If you haven't heard of Mino Raiola, he's a man who's very good at his job. He gets the best deals for his clients and makes a lot of money in the process, and although many in the game aren't fond of him, you have to have a certain respect for him as a masterful negotiator and strategist.

One of the many stars Raiola has in his stable is Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba, whom you probably have heard of. He's already up there with the most influential midfielders in Europe, and at 21 has the world at his feet. Oh, and he only has two years left on his deal and is not even thinking about signing an extension just yet:

I’ve not spoken yet with (sporting director Giuseppe) Marotta and I’ve no plans to meet him in the near future. Anything is possible for Paul. He could remain at Juve without renewing his contract as he is committed until 2016. It is also possible that he could decide to sign an extension before the start of the new Italian season.

Source: Gazzetta dello Sport via Sky Sports.

A transfer isn't specifically mentioned, but I'd imagine that Raiola knew exactly what he was saying when he claimed that anything is possible. The big thing here is that an extension isn't even on the table, and time is ticking away for Juventus to get a deal done. It's difficult to imagine them being able to keep Pogba around for his whole career with the general state of Serie A, and sooner or later he'll end up leaving.

If Pogba doesn't sign a contract extension, we're on the sooner side of the spectrum -- there's almost no way he stays in Turin beyond next season. And then it just becomes a matter of who wants him more. If you're bored of the Pogba talk, then, I have bad news: Chelsea are one of the top teams in Europe and an obvious landing place for him, so it'll keep going until he either signs a new deal with Juventus or actually gets sold somewhere.

Don't hold your breath!

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