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The truth behind the Luka Modric rumours

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

I'm not entirely sure how this rumour got started, but apparently it's being floated around that Jose Mourinho called Real Madrid midfielder Luka Modric and asked him to consider a move to Chelsea only to be rebuffed by the former Tottenham man. Which is ... weird, because that's not true at all.

The original source is 24SATA, a Croatian outlet, who were asking about Mario Pašalić and Matej Delač before turning to Mourinho with a cheeky question about Modric. I've included the original here and asked a native speaker what it means.

- Trenirali ste Luku Modrića u Realu. Zovete li ga u Chelsea - upitali smo Mourinha.
- Ne - odgovorio je i zastao na nekoliko trenutaka, činilo se kako je to sve od njega, a onda se nasmijao i nastavio:
- Ako me pitate čujem li se s Lukom, da. Zovem ga da vidim kako je, kako mu je obitelj i kako mu ide. On je doista sjajan igrač, ali je u Real Madridu i tu se nema što dodati. Ne mogu ga i neću dovesti u Chelsea.

The translation:

You were coach to Luka Modrić in Real. Did you call him to join Chelsea? - we asked Mourinho
No - he answered and stopped for a few moments. It seemed like that's all he was going to say, but then he laughed and continued:
If you are asking me whether I ever hear from Luka, yes. I call him to see how he is, how's his family and how is it going in Real. He is really a fantastic player, but he's a Real Madrid player and there's nothing more do be said. I cannot bring him to Chelsea, and so I won't.

Although I love Modric like a dear, dear child, it's pretty obvious that this Chelsea team has no place for him after the summer acquisition of Cesc Fabregas. Even though Modric is obviously the superior player, they both fill more or less the same role in the team, and so it doesn't make any sense for Mourinho to be trying to poach him from Real Madrid.

But, you know, rumours. They're fun, or something.

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