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Official: Drogba will wear #15

Just in case there was any lingering doubt as to what squad number Didier Drogba would take in his second spell at Chelsea, it's now officially official: it's the same as he wore in the first:

Drogba, for those who don't remember the good old days, wore #15 when he arrived at Chelsea, switching to the more iconic #11 following the 2006 departure of Damien Duff, (who has won more Premier League winners' medals, by the way, than Steven Gerrard). While I'm sure he'd have liked his #11 back, taking it off Oscar would have been a little rude, and #15 works just fine.

A special shout-out here, by the way, goes to Mohamed Salah for agreeing to give up his squad number. It's a nice mark of respect from the young winger, although I guess getting Eden Hazard's (not to mention Munich legend JOSE BOSINGWA's) old #17 -- which has also been confirmed by the club -- isn't too bad a trade-off.

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