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Cech: No way I'm leaving

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Jan Kruger

Petr Cech's future has been in in question for a little while. Many have taken his comments about not wanting to be on the bench at Chelsea and done some significant extrapolating, claiming that he might be on the way out; the Mirror even said he was the most likely of the non-homegrown talent on the squad to be departing this summer.

Is that true? Nope.

I'm staying at Chelsea, that for sure. I really don't mind that there are two great keepers at Chelsea. That motivates me even more. You always have to fight if you want to be on a great level. And there is not only Courtois and me, even Matej Delac [Chelsea's 21-year-old Croatian goalkeeper] is showing that he is a great keeper.

Source: Ekipa24 via ESPN.

Petr Cech's solution to not wanting to be on the bench, I imagine, is to try not to be on the bench. Thanks to his quick recovery from his shoulder problem, he has a two-game headstart on his upstart competitor, and the competition will, as he says, only make them better.