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Warm fuzzies: video highlights of Cesc Fabregas' best passes from his Chelsea debut

It was just a friendly and a friendly against an ultimately fairly bad team, but Cesc Fàbregas's career in Chelsea blue is off to a fairly impressive start.

Slotting in alongside Nemanja Matic (which we should expect against weaker opposition, one would have to assume) instead of in a more attacking role behind the striker, Fabregas showed plenty of what Mourinho expects from one of our biggest signings this summer.

"He is a player of control. He's a player that wants the ball, a player that needs the ball. He's not the guy to run with the ball in a transitional game, he's the guy who gives you other qualities. But in away matches we will have much more control of the game, and much more initiative than we had before."

-Jose Mourinho; source: The Times

In fairness, NK Olimpija gave the Spaniard plenty of room in which to operate, though that may be just the case whenever Chelsea come up against the proverbial parked bus and the two banks of four or more players.

What the highlights don't show are the numerous tackles that Fabregas also contributed to the cause. While I don't think tackles are an ultimate measure of defensive ability by any stretch of the imagination, it was good to see the effort and the desire. The way the team is set up, we cannot afford the luxury of a one-way, deep-lying playmaker in midfield and will need Cesc to influence the game at both ends of the pitch. Fortunately, he's off to a good start in every regard.

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