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Watch Fernando Torres' amazing miss against Olimpija Ljubljana

Fernando Torres had some very positive moments against Olimpija Ljubljana. The striker came on at the break and was involved in Kurt Zouma's winner, he also had a great, skillful flick to set up a Chelsea attack.

And, of course, all those positives will be forgotten, because this is what we'll take away from Fernando Torres' time in Slovenia.

That's an open goal from inside the six yard box. Ake's cross is a bit difficult to handle, yes, but Torres gets confused about what he's doing, stooping for a header before realising he can't make good contact that way, then letting the ball hit him in the shoulder and balloon over the crossbar.

If he'd somehow fallen unconscious dead mid-run, before trying to do ... well, whatever he was trying to do there, the ball would have hit his body and found its way into the net. An asleep Fernando Torres would have out-performed the awake version here. That, for me, is the mark of a truly great miss.

At least it's only pre-season.

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