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Matthias Hangst

Rumour broke -- nothing serious, although it was taken seriously -- earlier today that Romelu Lukaku was on the verge of a switch to Wolfsburg for somewhere in the region of £25 million. The origin of said rumour appeared to be Twitter, the reasoning behind it from Chelsea's perspective was a little dubious, and now Wolfsburg themselves have shot it down:

I don't know what will happen with Lukaku. I don't even know what will happen with this rumour -- it's entirely possible that it's true and Wolfsburg are being coy about it for some reason or another, or that a bid is being talked about but has not yet been submitted. And perhaps even the club doesn't know what will happen with Lukaku. It makes sense, from a footballing perspective, to keep him on as the club's second striker, but if he truly wants out it's unlikely that Chelsea will get in his way.