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Petr Cech welcomes Drogba back to Chelsea

Mitchell Gunn-US PRESSWIRE

It's not just the fans and the manager who are happy to see Didier Drogba return to Stamford Bridge!

Firstly, this is adorable. Right now, I'm imagining that those two have some complicated handshake in which Drogba does all the work and then Cech gives him a thumbs up at the end of an elaborate three-minute sequence, and it makes me so happy.

Secondly, beyond the 'aw cute' aspect of this whole thing, Cech's response gives an indication of just how highly regarded Drogba is at Chelsea. The goalkeeper is one of the leaders of the dressing room in his own right, one of the other key players in the Munich win, and even he's in awe of the big striker. If you needed an explanation of just why Jose Mourinho was so keen on bringing him back, this is it. Drogba is a legend at Chelsea Football Club, and those who seek to follow in his footsteps can only benefit by being around him.

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