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Atletico Madrid fans chant for Fernando Torres before Mario Mandzukic's unveiling

Clive Rose

This isn't really a transfer rumor.  Actually, it's most definitely not a transfer rumor and it's not even something less than a transfer rumor.  It's less than even less than a transfer rumor.  But, oh my goodness you guys, I want to believe.  There's a confluence of events about to happen here (Didier?) and I want to believe.

I believe.
I believe that.
I believe that we will sell* Torres!
I believe that we will sell* Torres!
I believe that we will sell* Torres!

Make it happen.  The vast majority of Chelsea fans want it.  The vast majority of Atletico fans seem to want it.  Make us happy, Fernando, Chelsea, and Atletico!  Don't you want to make us happy?  Please?

Oh, right, the actual story.

According to local tabloid AS, the Atletico fans who gathered at the Vicente Calderon yesterday afternoon for the unveiling of their new star striker Mario Mandzukic launched into chants for Fernando Torres.  Apparently they did this before Mandzukic stepped onto the pitch, so it was not taken as a sign of disrespect, but more as a sign of PLEASE PLEASE DO THIS FOR US.

AS claim to have video of this seismic event as well, but I can't get their page to load it.  Comments on the initial article from eye witnesses seem split whether this actually happened or not.  So just like this potential transfer, the evidence is so close, yet so far away.  Not that it really matters.  Chanting didn't bring back Di Matteo and it didn't keep Mata at the club.  Fans will be fans.  But still.  I want to believe.

* or loan

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