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Drogba decision to be made soon, says Mourinho

Mike Hewitt

The Didier Drogba rumours have been flying around for the better part of a week now, and now we have confirmation that there's something to them. Not that it's definitely going to happen, mind you -- that's still very much up in the air -- but that Chelsea have interest in bringing the hero of Munich back to the club this season.

Here're Jose Mourinho's thoughts on the matter:

If you bring him back it is not because he is Didier or scored the most important goal in the history of Chelsea, or because I read I need an assistant, no.

If I bring him back, and the decision has to be made soon, it is because as a player he has qualities to make the team stronger. The team is not about the eleven. It is about the different options and as an option I would not say no about the possibility.


Mr Abramovich is very intelligent and he feels that people belong to the club. We feel that Didier belongs to us. Is he coming back as a player one more year or a couple more years? Let’s see.

Source: Mail.

Which certainly sounds like there's some serious flirtation going on at the moment. As for where this leaves the rest of the strikers, I still have no idea. Chelsea seem to be open to letting one of Fernando Torres and Romelu Lukaku go, and right now it looks as though Lukaku's the more likely to leave. At the same time, Drogba's mentorship would help Lukaku a great deal, and it could be that a move is designed to benefit rather than hinder the young Belgian.

As the manager says, let's see.

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