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He's all business: Diego Costa's full first Chelsea TV interview

I shall call him, DC-19 Bomber.

Last but certainly not least of the big three Chelsea signings (so far?) this summer, here's Diego Costa's full first interview with Chelsea TV. You know, in case you're not satisfied with the usual YouTube morsels that we have immediate access to.

While Filipe Luis was super awesome and excited and endearing and Cesc Fabregas was a bit careful and quick to say things that will put him into Chelsea fans' good graces, Diego Costa is all business, all the time. There's no need to muck about, he's here to kick ass and chew bubble gum. And he's all out of bubble gum.

Attitude and language barrier aside (he's speaking Spanish, the language in which he's conducted most of his professional career), he says all the right things about working hard and doing what's asked and required. He seems to have genuine respect for not only Mourinho (unsurprising) but Torres and others as well (more surprising). He also speaks highly of Chelsea and its long history and storied tradition.

Wait, what?

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