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Watch: Jeremie Boga's lovely goal from Chelsea's friendly against RZ Pellets

Jeremie Boga is a name that many diehard Chelsea fans will recognise. At this point he's an elite prospect, and he's the sort of footballer who isn't just very good but rather a sheer joy to watch. His ability to beat defenders with the ball at his feet is nothing short of astonishing for a 17-year-old, and the speed at which he turns would be jaw-dropping even if he were a seasoned professional.

But yeah, you came here to watch an amazing goal, not to hear me talk about the person who scored it. Here you go:

(thanks to @ChelseaYouth for finding that one)

Was it a bit fortunate? Sure, especially with the ball finding its way to Branislav Ivanovic and then back to Boga after a strange set of bounces. But it was also amazing -- Boga beats five defenders in this play before taking the ball past the goalkeeper. It'll be some time before I can tear my eyes away from this one.

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