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Mohamed Salah wearing Hazard's old shirt number in friendlies

The shirt number switcharoos continue.

Michael Steele

A few days ago, after avoiding military service for his home country of Egypt, Mohamed Salah teased us with an upcoming squad number change, leaving behind his temporary home at shirt #15 that he moved into in January.  He hadn't even unpacked his boxes.

We had guessed that he would be switching to #22, which appears in his social media usernames and was his number with FC Basel and the Egypt national team.  Instead, it looks like he may taking Eden Hazard's old number 17.  Not a bad choice, especially if there is some Hazardian magic for young Mo Salah to osmose from it.  Hazard, in case you don't remember, switched to the #10 earlier this summer.

Early returns have been mixed so far for Chelsea's newest #17 in the first half of the friendly with RZ Pellets WAC.  Salah has been plenty involved, but bad decisions have been equally mixed with a few good passes and a couple shots.  Still a raw player, Salah, but still an exciting option to have coming off the bench, at the minimum.

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