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Diego Costa: I personally will fight for this club

Diego Costa has something of a reputation for bulldozing his way through problems, and it's not a surprise that his first interview with Chelsea -- you can see the teaser clip above -- had a lot to do with fighting:

I'd say to the fans that you need to be confident that I personally will fight for this club to make sure we are in contention to win as many trophies as possible. I'm part of a great group here of players and we will do everything we can to give the fans what they want - and that's titles.

I would indeed like titles, Diego. But from you, I would mostly like goals. It's been far too long since we had a truly terrifying striker who could also score, and hopefully you're our guy. Please, please, please score. if you do, we are guaranteed to love you forever.

But if you don't, punching Luis Suarez in the face the next time we play Barcelona would also work.

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