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Chelsea introduce a quite terrible 2014-15 third kit

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Charlie Crowhurst

Out of the blue, here comes the Chelsea third kit.  You ain't prepared for this!

And thus continues the grand tradition of terrible third kits.  I mean, what is that?

On the plus side, it doesn't look like a training kit like last year's all-black (err... it's not black, it's "blue") effort.  On the minus side, it looks like it was designed as an afterthought to an afterthought by somebody who's never designed a shirt before in his life (or was an intern at Warrior before).  What are those things?  Soundbars?  An upside down Matrix crawl?  And why is Hazard wearing white socks with the blue trim when the whole thing is black and neon whatever color that is.  Yama-hama, it truly is fright night.

At least we won't have to be wearing these too often, right?  And the home and away shirts are boss.