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Watch Cesc Fabregas' full first Chelsea TV interview

I see you trying to hide that widow's peak with the hip backwards snapback...

It was linked in the comments section of the post earlier about Fabregas' ambition to "win everything" with Chelsea (so say we all, Mr. Fiber... err..., but it's probably worth repeating and highlighting, because Cesc's first Chelsea TV interview certainly does him no harm in endearing himself to the fans who used to actively jeer his every move at Stamford Bridge, Camp Nou, Highbury, and the Emirates.


In all seriousness, that's how you do a recruiting visit, right there. Jose would've been very, very successful in the American collegiate game, I think, at whichever sport he would've chosen to coach in this hypothetical scenario. Though I think the NCAA would probably frown on motivational speeches in the showers.

Today will be the first Chelsea game of the rest of Cesc Fabregas's life. It might only be a friendly, and it may be meaningless, but I hope for him winning "absolutely everything" begins now. ¡Vamos!

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