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Jose Mourinho: Chelsea are ready to win the Premier League

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Ben Hoskins

I don't think we'll be hearing anything about little horses next season. After a year in charge of Chelsea and no trophies to show for it, Jose Mourinho is gunning for the biggest prizes next season. And he thinks his young team is ready to do it.

At Chelsea, if we didn’t think we could win the league, or didn’t think we had the quality to do it, we wouldn’t be here working so hard. We respect our opponents and their ambitions, because they have the same ambitions as us, but we want to win the Premier League and we are ready for that.


He's right, too. If last year represented the final step towards becoming a domestic power once again following three seasons of indifferent league form, the 2014/15 campaign needs to be completely different. Chelsea have spent big, allowed their young talent to mature, and they need  to start winning more or less immediately. If they don't re-emerge as a true powerhouse next year, Mourinho's job is at risk ... but there's no reason to think that the club isn't primed to make a serious leap forward right now.

There are no guarantees, and there's plenty of competition. But that's life in England, and I think everyone's looking forward to the challenge.