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Alert! Cesc Fabregas is going bald

Chelsea welcomed a trio of new signings to the club today, with Diego Costa, Filipe Luis and Cesc Fabregas all making their first appearances in preseason training. Naturally, the three were presented to the press for a brief photo op and ...

... what in the twelve orange hells is going on here? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO YOUR HAIR, FABREGAS? THIS IS MONSTROUS.

I guess it's entirely possible that Fabregas has taken off his previously glorious locks as a form of penance following Spain's hideous performance at the World Cup, and that seems like the only rational explanation for what we have here. Surely he doesn't think this looks right? He's gone from brooding, handsome Spanish guy to looking like the second-least interesting male family friend you had growing up. Showing your hairline to the gods like that is a sin.


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