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Clubs on alert after Edinson Cavani fails to show up to PSG training

Matthias Hangst

It's entirely possible that a mountain is being made out of a molehill here, but the rumour is tantalising enough that it's worth commenting on anyway. Edinson Cavani did not return to Paris Saint-Germain for pre-season as scheduled. And that's kind of crazy:

There are any number of reasons why Cavani might have missed the start of PSG's preseason, but the most exciting angle is that he wants out rather than be forced to play another season as second fiddle to Zlatan Ibrahimovic.And if that's true, pretty much everyone in Europe will be hoping to get hold of him. Cavani's stock is a little down after a relatively poor World Cup, but that's to be expected after a year of being played out of position, and he's still one of the world's premier centre forwards.

Unless this gets resolved soon, expect Chelsea (and pretty much everyone else) to be linked to a possible transfer. I don't think much will happen, but the transfer talk will be fun.

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