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Chelsea are not in a hurry to loan out Patrick Bamford just yet

Ben Hoskins

More good stuff from Steve Holland coming up as soon as I figure out what "void" Patrick Bamford can fill at Chelsea right now.

"We watched him closely last year. He had a good spell at MK Dons and then played at Derby, where the level was a step up. He played on the wing at Derby more often than not, which probably suited Derby, but we would see him more as a central striker."

Patrick Bamford is the non-complete striker.  He is the non-experienced striker.  He is the non-controversial striker.  He is the non-headline-grabbing striker.  He is a very promising soon to be 21-year-old striker.

"We know he can score goals but what we'll be looking for in the next few weeks is to see whether he can adapt other areas of his game and how he combines with the top-level midfield players we have.  We need to see if he can make that step into a Champions League team in the Premier League."

So, no rush to loan out Bamford then.  That's probably a wise decision, considering that the Romelu Lukaku situation changes faster than the weather and while the Fernando Torres situation never changes, there's always a chance for a miracle.  Well, probably not.  Still, a wise decision, keeping Bamford around as long as possible, which should allow young Patrick to impress as much as possible as well.

"It's still too early to say [what will happen] but part of this process every year is re-evaluating, seeing the ones who make progress and rewarding them. Those that we think are making progress but perhaps need that little bit more time to gain further experience will go out on loan again."

"Obviously, the loan needs to be a progressive loan - not the same as last year - to make the step up. That [going on loan to a Premier League club] is a possibility and that will be a decision that the club will make before the start of the season."

"Rest assured though, whatever decision is made, we will continue to monitor his progress closely every week and we'll be looking to see, in the end, if he can fill that void with the first team."

There it is, the "void."  Like the glowing suitcase in Pulp Fiction, I have no idea what's in it.  But apparently Patrick Bamford can fill it.  Is Patrick Bamford in the Pulp Fiction suitcase?  Whoa...  So shiny!

"That is the objective of all of this. If not, then he'll still get the opportunity to play at a very high level because of the experience he's had here at Chelsea."

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