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Liverpool continue quest to acquire all the B-rate, English talent with Ryan Bertrand

Mike Hewitt

There was a time in my life when I couldn't imagine being anything other than a straight-A student (or straight-1 back in the old country).  Anything less would not only be a personal tragedy, but a shameful day for the family.  I would hide bad grades from parents.  Unsuccessfully of course, because they cared.  But I would try.

Then, somewhere along the line, the standard slipped.  A couple Bs crept in; I think there may have been a B- or even a C in some stupid subject like Contemporary English Literature.  Perfection was gone.  After a while, they weren't even tragic.  A 'B' means good, right?  I'll be ok with a B.  You don't want to be an A student, you just end up working for the C students, right?

Liverpool are giving serious consideration to making a move for Chelsea defender Ryan Bertrand as Brendan Rodgers attempts to fill the club's troublesome left-back position.

Bertrand is ready to leave Stamford Bridge this summer in search of regular first-team football after nine years with the club.

Bertrand, who spent the second half of last season on loan at Aston Villa, would be rather more affordable at around £8m and the player is understood to be keen on a move to a club playing Champions League football.

-source: Mail

B is for backup.  B is for Bertrand.

Not that Ryan Bertrand's bad.  B is not for bad.  He's good.  He's just not great.  He would've been an excellent backup for us last season or next season, but he's made it clear over the last six months that he wants something more than that.  That's why he went to Aston Villa on loan and that's why he most likely will leave Chelsea permanently this summer.  And since Liverpool seem intent on collecting every last bit of B-rate, English talent available (Lambert, Lallana already in this summer), they could do a lot worse than snatching up Ryan Bertrand and complete their set of ex-Chelsea full backs.

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