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Filipe Luis's full first interview reveals the depth of his ambition

Shaun Botterill

Earlier today, the stingy Chelsea TV gods -- (obligatory:) still unable to get with the times like Manchester City's televizzian deities -- graced us with a short clip from Filipe Luis's interview.  Later, an unknown Prometheus posted the full interview on DailyMotion.  And now, the official Chelsea website has transcribed the whole thing for our enjoyment.  Better late than never!  (Hey, what happened to that endearing third person bit?)

Filipe Luis : Exclusive First Interview (Full) by unCFCTV

It was worth the wait, it turns out.  While it's pretty easy to make a good first impression as a football player at a new club -- say a few right things, make a few grand plans, butter up the fans, smile, and have great hair -- Filipe Luis is an all-star at it.  He is eloquent (hello there excellent English!), serious but excited, happy and content but with a full sense of the real work that's yet to come.

His first words touch on all the themes that others only pick and choose from.

  1. Premier League is King:  "As a kid I had a dream that one day I would play in the Premier League so when Chelsea came in for me it was an easy decision."
  2. Chelsea shirt precioussss: "I really want to wear the shirt and be a Chelsea player. I can't wait to play at Stamford Bridge and see the fans for the first time, I'm really happy... [...] I really like this club, I can identify with the club and I can't wait to put on the blue shirt."
  3. Chelsea players are my homies: "[Oscar, Ramires, and Willian] are three amazing guys and we will all be big friends during my time here."
  4. Chelsea DJ Khaled we the best: "If Diego isn't already the best number nine in the world he will be very soon. He's a brilliant player with a big heart. I'm very happy he's here with me because he'll help me grow as a Chelsea player. [...]  I know John Terry is an amazing player, he's been here a long time, but Cahill, Ivanovic and Azpilicueta are all very good players. I know Ashley Cole was here, he set a high level and I know it's going to be very hard to replace him, but I will do my best to keep the level high."
  5. Pitches, pitches everywhere: "[The training facilities] are unbelievable, the best I've ever seen. It's huge here, I've lost count of how many pitches there are. It's a fantastic place to come to work and I hope I'll be really happy here."
  6. Team Mourinho fo' life: "...being able to work with Jose was one of the reasons which made my decision to come here so easy. He's an amazing coach, he's won everything, wherever he goes he wins titles so I know I will grow a lot under him and my football will improve. I'm really happy to have him as a coach."
  7. Hard work is my middle name: "I try to be the most complete player as possible. I have to be a good defender but I also need to help out in attack. However, the most important part of my role is to defend. I'm the kind of player who gives everything out on the field, you will never see me just walking around the pitch, I run all the time and try to defend aggressively but fairly."
  8. Ambition is my other middle name and trophies is my other, other middle name: "Last season was brilliant but I've come here to do exactly the same. I want to go one better in the Champions League and, in terms of the Premier League, I want the trophy badly. Chelsea is the best club for me to do that; we have the best coach and an amazing squad, we have some brilliant players and I hope the supporters will see the Premier League trophy at Stamford Bridge at the end of the season."

Welcome, again, Filipe.  I already like you.

NB. In the interview he also explains that Brazilian World Cup '94-winning defender and Deportivo La Coruña legend Mauro Silva is his idol.  Mauro Silva wore #5 and while he was a center back, Filipe still jumped at the opportunity to grab that shirt for himself at Chelsea.

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