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Chelsea's newest signing has a short message for the fans

Diego Costa was Blues' newest signing for all of a day. Now Filipe Luis is in on the act, and he's started his Chelsea career in perfect fashion: by referring to himself in the third person.

I'm going to give my best all the games. You're never going to see Filipe walking on the field, always running...As everyone knows, speaking in the third person is an important part of becoming an insane football megastar (the best fullbacks are always mad; don't ask why), and while Filipe Luis has made the first step, he still has a little more to do. in the video above, there are far to many 'I's. If you're going to go this route, it's Filipe all the time. Don't back down from Filipe's destiny.

Anyway, apart from the nod towards pure Zlatanery, this was your fairly standard hello to the fans. He'll work hard and try to win trophies and he's very happy to be here. We can assume the more interesting bits will be on Chelsea TV a bit later, but for now -- hi, Filipe. Nice to meet you!

UPDATE: The full interview.

Filipe Luis : Exclusive First Interview (Full) by unCFCTV

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