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Demba Ba says goodbye, with a special mention for Eden Hazard

Charlie Crowhurst

So. Demba Ba. We've done the Gerrard joke already and while I'm sure that many of you don't mind it being recycled (go here if you want to see it again, you scamps) it's probably also time for a more serious goodbye. We'll let Demba himself go first:

Now it's our turn. Ba had an up and down career at Chelsea mostly due to his status at second string, but he started with a bang and ended on a tear, and some of his goals are unforgettable. That winner against Manchester United to get us into the FA Cup semifinals was magnificent, and while the Paris Saint-Germain goal was less magnificent it did lead to me running through my office screaming, so that's good too.

But on top of the goals, Ba seemed like a generally contented man, more than happy to wait for his chance and then help the team to the best of his abilities. Sometimes that didn't work out so well, but sometimes it did, and he departs having given us some great memories.

Also he made Eden Hazard happy, and we all want Eden Hazard to be happy!

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