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Oriol Romeu's Facebook page claims a new contract extension

Bryn Lennon

Chelsea have confirmed it.  Yay!


If you're a professional athlete making tens of thousands per week, surely it's not too much to ask to have your social media pages and profiles verified.  Right?  So that when you post an update on a barely used Facebook page about signing a new contract extension with Chelsea, we would immediately know whether you're for real or you're just some sad little dweeb trolling the interwebs from your mommy's basement..

I mean the page claims that it's the official page of Oriol Romeu Vidal, so it's got to be true, right?  Just like everything else on the Internet.

With those caveats out of the way, if Romeu -- still just 22, mind -- did in fact sign a new three-year contract, extending his current deal by an additional year, it's good news all around.  He's looked promising for us under both Villas-Boas and Benitez, before a major knee injury took him out of commission for a while.  He had been rehabbing that ACL on loan at Valencia last season, and while all signs pointed to the clubs making that move permanent, he looks to be back and challenging for a Chelsea spot instead.

You know what that means, right?  We get to dust off all the old OREO jokes!  Hurray!

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