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Sami Khedira plot thickens: Real Madrid agree Toni Kroos transfer

The Sami Khedira transfer story reaches epic soap-operatic proportions.

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Matthias Hangst

Chelsea were never really in the Toni Kroos race of course -- and with Oscar and Cesc Fàbregas in the fold already, that made perfect sense -- but now that Real Madrid have agreed with Bayern Munich for the 24-year-old's transfer, a few other dominoes might fall.

We should pause just for a second and contemplate the madness of spending £25m of Adam Lallana in a world where Toni Kroos goes for £24m.  Now point.  And laugh.  Ha ha!

Back to the dominoes, chief among which may be another Germany international fresh off a World Cup victory.  Sami Khedira has looked close to switching to Arsenal for a few days now, but Arsene Wenger's supposed reluctance to fork over upwards of £20m in transfer fees and a further £7m in annual wages may have opened the door for a late Mourinho phone call and swoop.

Now comes a further twist, with Spain's notoriously unreliable El Confidencial claiming that Khedira has had a change of heart and now wants to stay, as he's apparently feeling appreciated once again.  No mention of a contract extension for which Khedira was supposedly holding out, but there's plenty of talk of humble pie, repentance, an actual written apology, and other such overdramatic nonsense.  But I guess we'll see if Khedira comes crawling back to the Madrid management with a rose tattoo of a love poem inked in his own blood and tears.

(Personal note: contact Hollywood agency about that script for a transfer window soap opera)

All this comes just a few hours after Khedira's agent confirmed that there's been no actual talks over a transfer away from the Spanish capital.

"We are not in talks with Arsenal. I don't think a fee can have been agreed, otherwise I would have been told. When a club have an interest I am sure they will call me and we will speak about things. The same goes for Chelsea."

-Jorg Neubauer; source: Telegraph

Meanwhile, El Confidencial conclude their story by claiming that Real Madrid will not be moved by Khedira's offer to take the black white, will start the bidding at €20m on his sorry ACL, and shove him out the door with his "freedom card."

So, stay tuned to the next episode of Days of Khedira's Life, wherein we'll find out who shot J.R.

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