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Sami Khedira, the power of Mourinho phone call compels you!


Well, it's all over now, surely.

Arsenal may have the highest bid at €29m, but as soon as the caller ID flashed "Special One" and Sami Khedira swiped to answer, it was all over.  So sorry, Arsene.  No one can resist the power of the Mourinho phone call.

In this diatribe, José Mourinho has called Khedira . Want to sign for Chelsea. The dilemma is that, right now, is the highest paying Arsenal 29 million.


The supposed "diatribe" is that Khedira does not feel valued in Spain, by either the club or the press.  And that unless he receives total assurances from the club -- presumably, with his contract set to expire next summer, in the form of a glorious payday -- he's ready to walk.

Whether this is just a negotiating tactic a la his teammate Sergio Ramos, or there is genuine interest from the Premier League for the midfielder's services remains to be seen.  But if Chelsea and Jose Mourinho are indeed interested in the self-confessed Mourinho Zealot, either as a primary option or a backup to our Pogba pipe-dream, we should be able to pip the Gunners to this one pretty easily.

In possibly related news, the Mikel exit talks are picking up again, though the Chelsea man would hardly command anywhere near Khedira's transfer fee.  Could we be ready for such an expensive upgrade?  Should we be?

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