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Diego Costa to 'leave for London on Tuesday'

Diego Costa is finishing his vacation and will be traveling to London on Tuesday.

David Ramos

Thanks in part to his decision to play for his adopted country of Spain rather than his birth-country of Brazil, Diego Costa has been vacationing for the better part of the last three weeks.  And while he was roundly booed pretty much everywhere he went and in every stadium that he played, he spent his vacation in the north-east of Brazil as well, visiting friends and family back in his hometown of Lagarto (SE).

As his vacation draws to a close, he sat down with GloboEsporte for a quick interview about his World Cup experience and his Chelsea future.  I won't bore you too much with the details -- it's mostly standard stuff about not having any regrets and looking forward to the competition offered by the other Chelsea strikers (ermm..."competition"), especially his La Furia Roja teammate Fernando Torres -- but there is one key piece of information hidden away in the surrounding narrative.

Contract signed with Chelsea, Diego Costa leaves for London next Tuesday.

-source: GloboEsporte

The interview was published Sunday morning, so I'm assuming the Tuesday refers to tomorrow (14th) and not a week from tomorrow.  Which, if true, is a bit sooner than expected, considering that the rest of the players involved in the World Cup aren't expected back until Chelsea leave for their European tour.  Hopefully the little bit of R&R has given his hamstrings time to fully recover as well.

While Chelsea have announced that they reached an agreement with our latest attempt at procuring a proper center forward on July 1st, Diego Costa has yet to be announced officially as a Chelsea player.  So while chances are slim, something could still go wrong.  Hopefully on Tuesday or very soon after, even that chance will be gone.

May that be the last bypassed chance associated with Diego.

h/t: lucashm

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