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Here's what Paul Pogba was doing in London

Jamie Squire

So first, a note about the Paul Pogba talk: it's kiiiind of crazy to be optimistic about it. As nice as it would be to have a young, world-class central midfielder on the team, as much as Chelsea and Jose Mourinho like Pogba, it's difficult to see Juventus being willing to give him up this window even for huge money. Not impossible, no, but sufficiently implausible that we shouldn't be getting our hopes up.

And if you didn't think the whole thing was silly already, here's further evidence. We now know why Paul Pogba was in London, and it wasn't to talk with Chelsea about a move. It as to go to a family disco:

Which is really kind of adorable. It's amusing that transfer rumours are now taken so seriously that a footballer can't leave his club's city without news coming out of it, but this is a good reminder that most of the time nothing is happening. Apart from some sweet dance moves.

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