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Pogba's 'agent' is here to crush your fantasies

So that was fun while it lasted.

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Alexandre Loureiro

If you're not ready to stop believing, I implore you to stop reading and go play some Jenga or something.  Or better yet, run around outside, yelling and shouting until all the hills are alive with his name and the football gods take note and favor you and us with their whim.

"Paul to Chelsea? It's just fantasy football. Everything is perfect at Juventus and no meetings are planned."

-Pogba's agent; source: Tuttosport via Football Italia

Well, yes.  Pogba to Chelsea would certainly fulfill many fantasies.  But that's probably not how the agent meant it.

Now if you made it this far and you're not ready to stop believing and you still want to hold onto that feeling, try this on for size.  You may have noticed that I've put agent in quotation marks.  While all secondary sources that I've found attribute the words to agent Mino Raiola, but as far as I can tell, the original Tuttosport article does not name Raiola by name; it just says agent.  And there's of course all the usual caveats about trusting anything agents or even managers say because things can change in football faster than a speeding Salah.

So, never say never!  At least not until he signs with Paris Saint-Germain.

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