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Andre Schurrle happy to play the super sub for Germany


The fist pump.
The fist pump.

As the second leading scorer on the team, you'd think André Schürrle would have at least a tiny chance of starting Sunday's World Cup final, when Germany take on Argentina in a late '80s-style grudge match.

Then again, Jogi Löw could do worse than sticking with at least one thing that has worked quite well for him so far: using Schürrle as an impact substitute.  And what an impact it's been with three goals on thirteen shots in just 126 minutes!  Going back a bit further, he now has nine goals in his last eleven appearances for Germany.  Just four of those were starts, although one of those starts did bring a hat-trick with it.

"Of course I'm desperate to start, but the manager talks a lot with me and says I'm important for him because he needs someone who can change the game and gives everything when he come on."

"This is my role for this World Cup so I will give everything. We're in a World Cup final, I've scored three goals, so I'm happy."

-André Schürrle; source: Express

It's a similar attitude that he's shown at Chelsea.  It's no doubt helped by the fact that he's enjoying his life both at club and at international level.

"It's crazy. At the age of 23, to be looking forward to a World Cup final, it's fantastic."

"You can't dream of something like this. Well, of course you can dream that something happens like this, but you can't expect that it would happen. It's unreal."

"I heard the crowd applauding my goal when I was on the field and the guys were talking about it afterwards. It's an incredible feeling. It's something I'll remember for the rest of my life."

-André Schürrle; source: Express

Amidst the joy, he did spare a thought for his fallen club teammates.

"I don't think you can joke about it. It's hard for them for sure. They played a fantastic tournament with the emotions. They gave everything. They gave their heart. You could see it in every game. I just said to them to keep their heads up and I will see them in pre-season."

-André Schürrle; source: Express

I mean, how can you not love the guy?

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