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Paul Pogba spotted in London, commence wild speculation

Oh my god you guys!

Jeff Gross


You guys.

Pogba.  Paul Pogba.  THE Paul Pogba.  You can tell by the haircut, because nobody from the real world would wear something like that.  Pogba!

London.  SW6.

Don't be ridiculous, Seb.  It's far more likely he's shopping for a brand new contract at Harrod's.  Buy five years, get one free and a bonus rhinestone tote with keys to Roman's yacht.  Would you like that gift wrapped, sir?

Or maybe he's doing some real world scouting for his Football Manager save?

Earlier today, Dan Levene joined in the speculation as well.  And that was before Paul Pogba apparated on the King's Road.

There's still time to un-cancel it!  And order one extra just for good measure.

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