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The Daily Hilario(?): Preseason, Day 2

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans.

Julian Finney

I got nothing.

The Nordstrom anniversary sale starts RIGHT NOW (if you got early access).  This is a calendared event in my household.

In other news...

Life in Brazil during the World Cup, in pictures | Vox
Gorgeously done.  And the pictures aren't half bad either.

Spare a though for Miroslav Klose | SB Nation
The man breaks the all-time record but nobody gives a [shoe] because 7-1.  Plus, he poached them all.  I still love ya, Miro.

Rangers were nearly destroyed for no reason at all | SB Nation
Remember how Rangers had to start life over at the bottom of Scotland's pyramid?  Yeah, turns out that was possibly a bit rash.  On a related note, the blue half of the Old Firm are coming to Sacramento in about 10 days for a friendly.  Looking forward to that.

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
Apparently there are early, early, EARLY round Europa League qualifiers happening today.  How do you even say Aberystwyth Town?