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The Daily Hilario: T-minus three days

Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Nice one, Ricciardo!

Smile, you're at Mr. Smiley's!
Smile, you're at Mr. Smiley's!
Mathias Kniepeiss

If you haven't yet, be sure to drop your pin in the WAGNH user map and also be sure to check out the new FanPost series on player evaluations - right now it's André Schürrle's turn, whom I picked earlier today as my second choice in the World Cup Golden Boot fantasy league.  Go on, André!

(Lionel Messi is my first choice.  I have a feeling it might finally be his time, just mainly due to the fact that there's been less hype about him this year than tournaments previous.)

In other news...

Full Mourinho highlights from SoccerAid | YouTube
That trip is legendary already, but he lived this game almost as much as he would any real, non-charity game.  That's José for ya alright.

You harsh reminder that for players, even the national team is a job | AP
Cameroon refused to board their plane to Brazil after weeks of disputes over World Cup bonus pay.  The issue has now been sorted though, so Eto'o & Co are good to go.

Nadal wins the French Open for the 2312536th time | SB Nation
They really should just give him the trophy at the start and save us all the trouble.

Here's Zidane being awesome at 41 | SB Nation
I believe this GIF is appropriate.

Dan Kennedy reminds you that Chivas USA are still a team in some dark recess of MLS | SB Nation
Holy double save, Batman!

FOOTBALL (all times BST):
00.00:  International Friendly:  Ghana vs. South Korea

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