Under the WAGNHoscope: Andre Schurrle

Incase this is the first time you are reading this, this is what happens: we are looking to give an assessment of a player which involves telling what we love and loathe about him along with a rating out of 10. For a general idea on how we do it, view the two threads below.

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Once enough people have responded, I'll compile the thoughts and present them in a seperate fanpost.

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The next player to go under the WAGNHoscope is - ANDRE SCHURRLE.

So what you basically need to tell is what you like and dislike about Andre Schurrle.

In other words, there are two questions:

  • What are the things that you have always liked about Schurrle?
  • What are the things that you have disliked about Schurrle?

P.S. You can nitpick here on your likes or dislikes - no matter how minute it is, mention it.



NOTE: Incase you are viewing this now, Schurrle has already been evaluated. Click here to view Schurrle's evaluation.

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