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Pay attention, Lukaku: Torres welcomes the challenge of a Diego Costa signing

You lookin' at me?  Who you lookin' at?  YOU LOOKIN' AT ME!?
You lookin' at me? Who you lookin' at? YOU LOOKIN' AT ME!?
David Ramos

And the fun just continues.

So soon after Romelu Lukaku's comments on the impending arrival of Diego Costa, here's Fernando Torres to show the impetuous young boy how it's done.

"It's the same every summer. No-one has ever given me anything on a plate. They made me compete for my place the very moment I got into the first team; that's what they taught me and it'll be that way until I leave. The higher quality players that come - and Diego Costa is quality - the greater the competition will be and the better it'll be for the team."

And fear not (or, alternatively, don't get too excited), Torres has no plans to tuck tail and run and leave his paychecks behind.

"I don't have any plans to move away right now".

"If we listened to all the rumours we'd have 50 players. Now's not the right time to be thinking about Chelsea. I'm sure the club is working to improve the team, but all that matters right now is the World Cup."

Ok, that bit about the 50 players made me chuckle.  Nice one, Fernando.

Now, in an ideal world, we would perhaps get these words from Lukaku, whom we'd like to become legendary at Chelsea.  But we don't live in an ideal world, and instead we get these words from Torres, whom we'd like to become a long-forgotten memory at Chelsea.  Alas.

That being said, since it's basically an impossible to task to rid ourselves of the £100m flop, at least he's got the right attitude.  Hurray?

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