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'No chance' Eden Hazard leaves Chelsea this summer

After months of speculation, Eden Hazard has finally given us a solid answer about his proposed transfer to PSG.

Mike Hewitt

We're all sick of the endless reports of FFP renegades Paris Saint-Germain looking to prise away Eden Hazard, Chelsea's brightest star, for an eye-watering amount of money. Recent reports have the French giants willing to spend nearly £70m on the young Belgian. While those reports have almost always finished with a reminder that Chelsea will refuse any offer from PSG for him, doubts have still lingered about Hazard's loyalty to the Blues.

In the last few days, amid the news that he will, as was widely-expected, take over his favourite, and now vacated No. 10 shirt for Chelsea from next season, there have been rumours that he's in line for a contract extension and slight raise to £200k p/w. Even these pieces of evidence that both Hazard and the club plan to be together for the foreseeable future haven't been enough to shake the oddly-persistent rumours of Eden joining David Luiz in the City of Light next season.

Until today, anyway. Today, RMC Sport interviewed him with the Belgian Nation Team camp where he had this to say, in French, of course:

There isn't a good transcript out there of everything he said there to put through the Google machine, and I don't actually speak French, but, towards the end of the video, he says, in reply to the question, "Il y a peu de chances que vous quittiez Chelsea?"

"Il n’y a pas de chance."

Putting those sentences through the translator, we get the exchange:

"There is little chance that you leave Chelsea?"

"There is NO chance."*

[*Emphasis mine]

I'm sure even hearing the words from the horse's mouth won't be enough to quell the rumours and fears of a move away from Chelsea, but for most of us, the news of a new contract, his receipt of his favourite shirt number, and his admission that there's "no chance" of such a move happening should be enough to help us relax, at least until next year, when it all starts again.

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