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Chelsea keen to seal Costa deal before World Cup

David Ramos

While neither Diego Costa nor Cesc Fabregas are at the top of my personal wishlist of players to buy for Chelsea, all signs point to the club moving ahead on both fronts at a fairly good clip.  We already heard the rumblings out of Spain this morning that the Fabregas deal is basically done; now, here's the latest on Diego Costa.

"Chelsea have made an offer to Atlético Madrid in compliance with the buyout terms in Diego Costa's contract, and have been advised that the player has provided notice to Atlético Madrid invoking the buyout clause and directing the club to accept Chelsea's offer."

"Chelsea look forward to entering into formal transfer documentation with Atlético Madrid as soon as possible so that the player can concentrate on the World Cup."

-source: Guardian

Of course this comes from a "club source" via a rather generic "Press Association" heading, but if we are indeed looking to sign the Brazilian Spanish center forward, it does fit into the logical progression.  And with the World Cup looming just around the corner, wrapping up deals for players involved in the tournament ahead of Thursday's opener is the best thing to do for all involved (right, David Luiz?).

The reported fee for Costa remains at the previously rumored £32m; I'll be expecting 32 goals at least.

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