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Azpilicueta and Torres rejoice: Spanish source claims that Fabregas deal is done

David Ramos

Cesc Fàbregas, for better or worse, is the talk of the town.  Move aside Diego Costa, you're old hat!

I suppose we should lead with the big one.  Here's Marca with the BREAKING NEWS-like word things.

Cesc Fàbregas will play for Chelsea next season. The clubs have agreed on a fee of 33 million euros, plus extras for trophies won. The player will sign for four seasons and will earn 10 million a year before tax, three more than what he was on at Barça.

Marca then go on to sympathize with poor Cesc for having to battle it out with Iniesta and Xavi and Messi for starting spots, while blasting the Barcelona fans for booing the player.  So perhaps they're just trolling their rivals.  And also that salary?  A raise?  Yikes.

That being said, Fàbregas is certainly not short of admirers.  We already know that Gerard Piqué is a fan, now here's fellow institutionalized Barca man Pedro:

"I don't understand it, he is a great player with a very good performance for us. If he finally is with Azpilicueta, it would be a pity. I have not talked to him, he is happy and focused... on the squad."

-Pedro; source: Marca via Sport Witness

And speaking of Azpilicueta, here's Dave gushing over his international teammate:

"At the moment there is nothing official. He's a Barca player.  I can say what I know of him and he's a great player, with a lot of experience in the Premier League. Great players are always welcome at the big clubs."

"Personally I think he's special. Few teams have that kind of player, a midfielder who arrives [in the penalty area] and has great vision. His numbers say so."

"He adapts well to various positions and Chelsea don't have a player like him."

Fernando Torres arrived at a similar conclusion just the day previous:

"Big players are always good signings. We know Cesc, he knows the division and was always among the top players when he was at Arsenal. He likes to play good football and will offer ball control, cutting edge, goals... If he's made to feel important, like a leader - like when he was at Arsenal - he can drive the team on and he's a type of player Chelsea don't have right now."

After the club trying to figure out how to make Torres happy for the last three and a half season - without any worthwhile return from the striker - I couldn't care less about what would make him happy.  But if Cesc makes Azpilicueta happy, well, I guess that's a plus point for the 27-year-old midfielder.

Unfortunately, that still doesn't make him the answer to our two-man midfield problem.

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