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Jose Mourinho confirms interest in Cesc Fabregas

Mind games? Trolling? Real interest? We never know with Jose.

Jordan Mansfield

When Jose Mourinho spoke to the press on Thursday, he was asked about the level of the club's interest in midfielder Cesc Fabregas. Here's what the boss had to say on the matter:

"We have some interest. I have interest in analysing the situation.

"I think it looks like he’s really interested in leaving Barcelona and is very, very interested in coming back to England. This, I think, is clear. There is a process where he wants to leave, he wants to come to England because it’s the country where he wants to be, where he prefers to play. We are interested in monitoring the situation."

Mourinho didn't say anything substantial in regard to what is currently going on, nor did he heap the same sort of praise on the player that he did with Wayne Rooney last summer. He did confirm that Chelsea have interest though, just hours after the BBC reported that Arsenal do not.

That sort of poke in the eye could have Arsenal fans turning on Arsene Wenger even earlier in the summer than they usually do. #WengerOut

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