WAGNH Evaluations

This is an idea I took from fellow SB Nation blog, Cageside Seats (a pretty good blog if you are into wrestling). One of their members, Doors Hate MMA Fighters, started an initiative called Cageside Evaluations which is basically him posting about a wrestler here and the community posts their opinions about that wrestler in the comments below. Once this ends, he posts the consensus here of the community (what they love, what they loathe and a mean rating score out of 5).

Do check it out and how it's done, I'll be waiting here. Done? Let's move on.

So, what I basically want from the community right now are the answers of a few questions here:

  1. What do you we name it? WAGNH Evaluations or something different? (P.S. If you like a name in the comments, rec it. Helps in me picking as I can find the communities favourite).
  2. Anyone has in mind a different way to conduct this? Like something to add or remove?
  3. At the start, we are going to do current players in the squad. Should this current list include guys like Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole, David Luiz or not?
  4. Ratings out of 5 or out of 10?

Post how you want it in the comments. If a good response comes, I'll hopefully post the first one in a few hours. Finally, I'll say again, do check out how they (Cagesiders) conduct those evaluations. I will post the idea how you do it when I unveil the first guy to be evaluated (he's not going to be someone like Eden Hazard, he'll be a squad player).

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