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The Daily Hilario: WAGNH User Mapping Project

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Your daily dose of off-topic shenanigans. Welcome to WAGNHUMP. Steady...

Doug Pensinger

Since there isn't much of anything football-ish going on today, it's a good time to get this thing up and running.

Credit for the idea and implementation goes to our very own 'EstoBlue'.  Please give him an Internet hi-five, or whichever of the other lowest common denominator biped bonding gestures you prefer.  I hear the fistbump is quite popular nowadays.

Take it away, Estonia's finest:


As WAGNH turns more and more global, I thought it would interesting to go through a mapping exercise and see where we, the readers, are based in. I've created a form and used Map A List to plot the data out onto a map.

Please fill out the fields in the form below. Don't be alarmed if your response doesn't instantly appear on the map. If you get a confirmation that your answer was recorded, you can be sure it went through. Since the utility I am using is free, updates are not entirely instant. I'll be looking out for data populating the form and will refresh it periodically. It also updates automatically once in 24h. As a disclaimer, I will not be doing anything with this user data or handing it out to anyone. This is just for fun.

I know some of you might be lurkers and haven't signed up for WAGNH, so feel free to add your initials (or sign up, the community here is great!). Typos in the address or country will probably make your location not appear on the map; I'm really not sure.

Here's the map:

Here is the survey to fill out:

Happy discoveries of nearby WAGNHers!