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Mark Schwarzer expects new Chelsea deal

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno

Hope has turned into expectation for Mark Schwarzer.  A couple weeks ago, he was just hoping for a new Chelsea deal; now, thanks to more Mourinho mobile magic, he's expecting one.

"I've had messages from the boss, he's very keen for me to re-sign with the club.  And that's all I really need to know -- that he wants to keep me at the club and I'll leave the rest up to the powers-that-be to sort it all out."

"I'm confident it'll be sorted out in the next week or two."

-Mark Schwarzer; source: AFP

The 41-year-old served as a more than capable backup to Petr Čech last season - probably the best backup we've had since the days of being blessed by both Čech and Cudicini - so it's no surprise that the club is considering bringing him back.

The more interesting aspect of this is what it might mean for the futures of Čech and Thibaut Courtois.  With Atlético Madrid signing a new, possibly first-choice keeper yesterday, the chances of the young and brash superstar supplanting the older and more reserved superstar at Chelsea had looked to increase.  But the way Mourinho was speaking at the end of the season, he was expecting Čech back for next season as well.  Would Courtois stay at Atlético for yet another season?  Would he go on loan somewhere else?  Is Schwarzer the next Hilário, while the other two have a pillow fight to the death?

So many questions!  So much time left to answer them...

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