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Barcelona teammate lets inside information slip, claims Fabregas transfer is on for €33m

Though he fails to disclose the supposed destination.

David Ramos

Here's one of the more unusual ways to confirm an impending transfer and reveal the transfer fee: your current teammate lets it slip under his breath to his national team coach before a press conference; it gets captured by the microphones, which just happen to be turned on already.

If that sounds a bit too convenient and just too coincidental, you're not alone:  Mundo Deportivo (and possibly others) raise suspicion that it might have been all "rigged," though to what end, it's unclear.

You can judge for yourself in this video:

Like two teenyboppers, those two, giggling at the greatest secret of who their best friend is crushing on currently.  Whether what they're saying is true or just some elaborate ruse, it's certainly weird.

Pique goes on to criticize Barcelona for failing to give Fabregas a proper chance and talks up the midfielder's skill, saying that he would play a fundamental role in any team's success.

"I do not know what will happen, but I hope he stays.  Cesc has never been sufficiently evaluated in Barcelona. He is not valued as he deserves (to be).  Cesc would work in any club in the world, but this club is very complicated."

-Gerard Pique; source: Mundo Deportivo via HITC

With Chelsea, Arsenal, and Manchester United in the running for Fabregas' services, how are we feeling about €33m/£27m (i.e. Willian money) for the 27-year-old midfielder?

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