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Report: Tiago set to reunite with Chelsea and Mourinho on a two-year deal

Clive Rose

The summer transfer window opens in a few hours and it looks like Chelsea already have their next piece of business lined up.

The return of Tiago was first rumored back at the end of May, but things had gone quiet for the last few weeks.  If Goncalo Lopes is correct (and we tend to think he's one of the better, more reliable sources out there), then perhaps things had gone quiet due to the contract terms getting hashed out already.

A two-year deal for the 33-year-old is however surprising, since Chelsea have had a distinct habit of offering only one-year deals for the 30 and over crowd.  So that does put a small shadow of doubt on this rumor.

Should Tiago end up signing, we would once again have a full complement midfielders, as he would most definitely be an option for the midfield spot next to Nemanja Matic.  While he's nowhere near my preferred option for that spot, he did have a good season for Atletico Madrid and looks to have plenty of legs left in him.  He's a jack of all trades, master of none, which makes him a decent enough box-to-box midfielder and even a strictly defensive midfielder if the need arises.  He's always had the perfect build and style for the Premier League.

Plus, Chelsea have never not won the title with Tiago in the squad.  Science!

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