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Wallace becomes Vitesse's first 2014-15 Chelsea loanee

SPOILER: It's Wallace

Thananuwat Srirasant

The timing is a little odd, what with the news being buried under the France - Nigeria World Cup match, but Chelsea have announced the first of many annual departures to partner club Vitesse. This time, it's young, Brazilian right back Wallace, who spent last season in Milan with Inter, which was a thoroughly unfruitful endeavour for all parties involved.

While the announcement is something of a surprise, as much as a Vitesse loan can be, Wallace going on loan again isn't. Chelsea already have two stellar right backs in Cesar Azpilicueta and Branislav Ivanovic, so he was always unlikely to break into the first team this season. In that case, somebody might as well use him before he atrophies at Cobham.

Chelsea have high hopes for him, but, as you might expect for a player so young, he's still a good way off his potential. A year away at Vitesse is certainly a good place to start in achieving that. Dutch football is probably closer to his current level than the upper echelons of Italian football, so it's probably a good move for him at this point. Hopefully, he can make a good impression in the Eredivisie.

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