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Agent: Pogba's future lies at Juventus where he is 'very happy'

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But I guarantee you'd be so much happier at Chelsea!

Ian Walton

Not that this ever advanced beyond the pipe dream stage (despite "understandings" from, but Paul Pogba's agent has seen fit today to pour some cold water on our fun.  And that was before reports emerged that we're about to sign Tiago, which added a shedload of extra ice into the already cold water.

"We have decided not to speak of the transfer market with regards to Paul until after the World Cup. But I can calmly say that his future will still be at Juventus, where he feels very happy."

-Mino Raiola; source: Rai Sport via ITV

Soooo cold!  ICE COLD.  I need a hug.

Looks like the agent felt the need to break his self-imposed vow of silence Re Pogba with all the rumors of suitcases full of £60m being readied at clubs across Europe.  While this doesn't necessarily change the landscape -- the only way Chelsea were ever getting Pogba anyway was to make an offer that Juve couldn't refuse -- it's still a bit of a shattering to my dreams.

So, Pogba 2015 or bust?  Don't stop, belieeeeeeving...